So different, yet the same

  For a month or so I started to read a book. After I saw the treasure that is inside it, I started reading it to Chris too, thus allowing us to discuss together all its ideas. (Just for you to know, Chris can read but he can’t hold the book to long in his hands, so I like to read to him). The book is called ”Love and Respect” by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs and is about how to reach that ”perfect” love inside a marriage. Now, we are not married, but is perfect for the case of a long relationship too, cause it tends to go against the same walls as the marriage. So, that this has a special chapter on colours. :). The author makes a simile between two colours and the way a man and a woman see things, how they perceive everythings. So the woman sees in pink 😀 and the man in blue ( didn’t see that coming :)). So all the disagreemeants come from this perspetive, because all that we see, we see it differently from our spouse, even though is the same thing. 

 Coming back to me and Chris. In three years, I don’t remember us having a fight. But we face misunderstandings as everyone else. Today it all started from a small thing regarding me. He loves me too much to lie to me, so he’s all true.  He made me a compliment, but with my pink glasses I saw the opposite. This turned into a major distress for me, and he didn’t even know what he did. So he made the smart thing to do and asked me what did I understood from what he said. Of course, it turned out to be exactely the opposite. So we kissed and made up.

This happens all the time, to all the couples, but not everyone knows how to handle it. Be very careful with what you say to your loved one, and make sure that is what you intend to do or say. It’s just the way God made us. And we have to decipher our way into a happy life with the one we love.

If you want to find out more about the book we read, take a look at this

And for today’s picture :p , I took this near the Black Sea, before a major storm, the seagulls were heading for cover so I managed to capture this one very close to the shore.


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