I love babies!! No,  love is too little to say. I don’t find the word to express what I feel when I see a baby. I always say that I was born to do 2 things: to love and to be a mother :). I don’t know why, but lately my motherhood instincts 😛 have been very alert. Don’t know if is the age or something, but the desire to keep my baby in my arms just drives me crazy.  So, to avoid going crazy ( I have to wait like 4 more years for my baby :D), I try to stay close to other’s babies. Alexia is one of them. She will be 2 months old this Monday. I love her very much, it seems like we bonded since she was born. Today I went to her place for a photoshoot, tomorrow her parents decided to baptise her. Hope I’ll get you some pics from there too. Here are some more photos with her 🙂

Me and Alexia, who fell asleep in my arms. Isn’t she cute the way she holds her hand?

I thought I should put a picture with her eyes opened. She has her mother’s dark green eyes.


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