Fishy fish


Two weekends ago, before I left for Bran I had the chance to spend 2 days in the Danube Delta, with my family. Unfortunately, my love wasn’t able to come and I missed her a lot that weekend. The reason was she had to go the very next day to Paraul Rece near Brasov to a “Summer University” – it’s like summer school but for older kids :). My aunt and uncle rented a big boat for this occasion. It was so beautiful on the channels, lot’s of wildlife, birds, frogs, snakes. Then the  day got even better when I caught a fish. It felt awesome cause it was my first fishing experience and the best thing was it was a team effort, my cosin cast the line, I waited until the fish bit the bait, and then when my father lifted the line, there it was: a very young sheat fish. I had to kiss him, cause the tradition sais so, and then I let it go back into the water. The boat had a fish radar, but we didn’t use it, it was just good old ”instinct” :P. Here is the proof to all I said:



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