Who wakes up early gets the worm


Meaning, who gets up early has a full and great day :D. Even though outside were 33 degres Celsius, we couldn’t just wasted a whole day hiding from the sun. I packed my things and went down to Chris’s place. First on the list were guitar lessons :P. On Valentine’s Day Chris bought us a gorgeous black guitar. It was my childhood dream to have one, and his too. As expected, he’s better than I am at playing it ( he has it in his genes since his father played the guitar in his early days). But we both took it from the start with online lessons, and practicing songs. Still, my love has a greater musical memory and can ”store” 😀 more songs than I can, and despite the fact he can’t hold the guitar properly because his condition, he’s still a better player. We’re learning fast Coldplay tabs.

Well, enough with the learning, we decided to meet up with my two best friends Cristina and Georgiana and have lunch, at KFC 😀 and after that we went for an evening stroll in the park. We were shocked to see that leaves started a while ago to fall and the ground was already covered with lots of colours. Here are some picture from yesterday.






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