My first camera

Yes, my first. If you remember, the one that I used belonged to Chris’s father. Actually this is an early Christmas present from Chris and his parents. I am really excited about this because I’ve been praying for this camera for a long time. It was really annoying to see all this beautiful things around me and not be able to capture them. I have placed an order and by the begining of the next week it should arrive. The model is Fujifilm FinePix S5800. It’s a small camera, but very smart. It has 8.0 million pixel CCD, and 10X optical zoom which will do for me for a start. Can’t wait to test it! Here it is:


Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Love you all!


4 thoughts on “My first camera

  1. I started typing and realized my first line was the same as the guy’s up above! Wasn’t expecting it to be my husband! Lol. Anyway – Congrats!!! Hope you’re having fun with it (which obviously you have been!)!

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