My Angel is Home

On the 12th of December my love came back from Canterbury. The moment we had each other in our arms all the anguish during the three months that we were apart disappeared. Since she arrived I can’t stop smiling! Every second we are together is precious and spent only on loving each other. From the four years that we have known each other, this period has been the longest that we were apart. Not only did the experience brought us closer in the love for one another, but also it brought us both closer to God. Well… better get back to loving!



One thought on “My Angel is Home

  1. You have a beautiful Web site and it is very inspiring. Your love for each other and for God is beautiful to behold. All the best to you in the New Year 2010. Congratulations.

    Rose Marie Toubes
    College English Instructor
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Age 54
    Married for 31.5 years
    One husband, Joseph Aaron Toubes
    One daughter
    One granddaughter
    2 cocker spaniels
    My grandmother on my mother’s side was Romanian. Her name was Belle Moscovichi and she emigrated to the heartland of America — Iowa — in the 1920s.

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