Some catching up

I haven’t been posting for a while, and I have lots of photos to share. I can’t do that cause it would take like 3  pages…so here are some representative ones for each of my actions during these past 3 weeks. And before that i want to remind you that we launched our site last week. I am extremely proud of Chris and of what he managed to do, and how fast he learned, and also the commitement and passion he put into all this. Hope you enjoy it and we are waiting for impressions and feedback.

So here we go: visited the Cathedral again (it’s hard to miss it when it’s just opposite the university)



I had some quiet visits in the park, since the weather was so nice…



I visited the ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey with Georgiana. Can’t believe we have something so beautiful just a feat away from the Uni grounds.


dscf3072  dscf30951


The graduation took place last week, and after the festivity in the University they moved to the Cathedral. It made me go a little bit in the future and think about how I will look in those robes 3 years from now…



Snow took over England 😀 and I was in seventh heaven this week:





Today I had an interview in Margate. The city is wonderful, quiet and ruled by the sea.






There! You’re up to date now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some catching up

  1. Lovely photos — great Cathedral, Abbey, snow and seaside! I used to go to Margate to build sandcastles when I was a boy.

    Good luck with your studies, and enjoy the weather. I’ve just spent the morning shovelling the last of the snow from our road. I can hardly remember a week like it…

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