2500 km can’t stop love

It’s true…and today we proved it. We had a lovely Valentine’s day ( part 1 – tomorrow is part 2) even though we are so far from each other. I sent him a letter and a video through mail, and he got it yesterday, and Chris sent me a package with goodies and a gift (see pics) that arrived just this evening. It was a bit sad cause the thanking part was not that “palpable”… but even so it was better than we imagined it.  This is the closest we can get, on Skype – I printed the screen when we were talking tonight:


A fortnight ago, when I visited Margate, I got to play a little with the sand 😀 and my camera.


Yep! That is “Cristi I love you” in romanian and is 2,5 meters long 😛


I like to draw hearts everywhere I go because that way I feel that Chris is with me, and he loves to see them afterwards. The one above is in Margate and the one below is from the last snow here on the 1st of February.




Before I go, Happy Valentine’s my Prince! I love you until the end of the times!


Here I am with my father, 2 years ago, at Cristi’s window with a banner with the same message as in the first picture.


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