My parents


Today is the 8th of March and it is the International Women’s Day, but in Romania we celebrate it as Mother’s Day. I always liked to make my mother feel extra special this time of year, ever since I was 3 and I could craft something for her at kindergarten. Even though it was the silliest thing my mother would always love it because it was from me, or my sister. Actually the only thing she was happy about was the fact that she had us there, in her reach, to love and protect. She was an she is the best mother anyone can have. She was very young when she had us, at 20 she was dealing with a newborn and a 2 year old, but she always knew what we needed and when. She was there for us all the time, serving and sacrificing for us. She was always open to us, we talked about everything. She taught us how to pray and how to love everyone. And she still does, every day. I know that this year is hard for her because she doesn’t have me around, and it is hard for me too. But I am glad that I got to see her at least on Skype. I have send her a small gift and took some pictures before I send it to her. It’s a small statue of a mother who is holding her daughter, it is named “Motherhood”. It looks a little like the two of us.


dscf3129  dscf3130

Inside her belly was my sister 😛


Now…My father. March is full of celebration, and we start this month on the 1st of March with a symbol called MARTISOR. This is a little something like a flower or a jewellery tied with a white and red string, and the women wear it the entire first month of spring. The boys use to give the girls the martisor. My father has always taken care that he is the first to bring spring to me, my sister and my mother through this little symbol and always bought us flowers to go along with it. This year I almost forgot about the 1st of March cause there was no buzz in Canterbury about it. But my father sent me a martisor through mail, and not only that, he wrote me a poem. Sorry I can’t translate it…

Pentru tine

Azi si-acum incep ati scrie

Si astern pe hartie

Ganduri bune si curate

Tie iti sunt adresate


Multa multa sanatate

Impliniri nemasurate

Si succesul sa-ti apara

Intr-o zi de primavara


Si sa duci la bun sfarsit

Visul ce-l ai de-mplinit

Sa-ti dea Dumnezeu putere

Dragoste si mangaiere


La sfarsit eu vreau sa-ti spun

Ca sa mergi ep un drum bun

Si sa nu te-abati de loc

Sa-ti dea Dumnezeu noroc.

And then at the end he said: “With lots and lots of love and respect for who you are, Daddy who loves you with all his heart!”. Believe me that this would not have had the same impact if I was home. It was the greatest surprise ever and I realised once again that he is a great father. The greatest! I am so blessed for having such wonderful parents and I will love them until my last breath.


The little bracelet from my father with the white and red string.


So lets hear a round of applause fooooooor…….my PARENTS!!


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