Double special Sunday

DSC_0404 copy

This past week-end Chris and his family went to the Danube Delta again. I was a bit sad cause I really wanted to join him. Little did I know that God had special for me too. I had to work on Sunday as a carer for Kassie, and we went to Howletts Wild Animal Park ( a place I’ve been wanted to go since I came to Canterbury), which is just outside the city. We had a blast and it was really amazing to see all those animals. It’s just funny to think that I have monkeys and tigers and elephants so close to me. Here are some photos from the Park that I took  and some with Chris in the Delta, taken by his father.


This is just one out of the three tiger cubs that were there. Their mother was hiding.







Here is Chris, all manly, trying to catch a fish. He managed this time to hold the rod on his own.



Chris’s father took some gorgeous pictures…


3 thoughts on “Double special Sunday

  1. Thanks! My camera is a small Fujifilm S5800, but the ones in the Danube and others that I have on this site are made with a Nikon D80 with a Sigma 17-70 lens.

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