Big Church Day Out

Sunday, the first edition of Big Church Day Out took place at Winston House in West Sussex. It was breathtaking! 14000 Christians from all over the UK came along with their churches to worship God at this festival. Here is the link for the site if you want to read more. It was just stunning to see so many people giving praise to God, and there was something very special in the air. The sun shined all day upon us and I presume that all went accordingly to plan for the organisers because everything  was wonderful. This is my first  big concert and I had the privilege to sing along with Delirious as well as Michael W Smith, Israel Houghton and New Breed, Graham Kendrick, YFriday and many more. It lasted from 2 to 10 pm so I had the change to take some time and visit the area.

DSCF3021 copy




Winston House


Here I am with Naomi, Theresa and Cornelia




This man was on his feet singing and praying all day long.








5 thoughts on “Big Church Day Out

  1. was thinking of getting a blogring going of all the pics from Big Day Out, by linking the blogs. Mine are all mobile pics because I wasn’t going until someone dropped out at the last moment….and just went with what I had on me.

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