Around Kent

Just after  I came back from Romania I had some lovely trips in the towns around Canterbury. It looks like countryside but is a lot different from the Romanian one. One thing I love is the smell that will be the same where ever you go around the world…at least I think so. So, I visited Faversham which is a small town known as “the market town of kings” and also renowned for the Shepherds Neame Brewery. Broadstairs has an opening to the sea and is great cause is one of the few from this side of the coast that has a sandy beach. I just hope I’ll cover at least a quarter of Kent this summer :D. Some other towns are to come in a different post. Sooooo, here’s Faversham!!!






It’s a beautiful blend of old and new where ever you are looking.


I was just stunned when I got to this small harbor. I had no idea that water from the sea gets this far on the continent. this small creek is amazing. I was there when the tide was low.



And now Broadstairs:








I wasn’t prepared for a bathe so I just had to hide from the sun.


3 thoughts on “Around Kent

  1. I just had to drop a comment here. I love Kent and I love your photos, your composition is just awesome in so many of them!
    Also I read your story, about you and your boyfriend and that was really touching. Good luck to both of you and keep taking photos!!

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