Growing up together

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Cornelia’s birthday. Since I’ve been living in Canterbury I have made some very good friends. The 5 of them are from Romania, but different corners of the country. As we met at church we decided to get together and have a bible study once a week, which has been a blessing since we started it a year and a half ago. And of course, when God is in the center everything will grow and so did our friendship.

Cornelia invited all of us, and a very special guest – Luminita’s mother,  to dine at Chom Chom for her birthday. We had a blast and we ate a lot of good food – if you are reading this and live in Canterbury I recommend it to you.

Party girls!

The birthday girl

And yes, I did straighten my hair 😛

You’ve got me here Ioana!


2 thoughts on “Growing up together

  1. Important moments of our life are to be remembered and joys to be shared!

    Thanks for the professionalism with which you make these experiences unforgetable, Nico!

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