Mr. and Mrs.

We know, unbelievable!! We got married! Finally!!!

We’re a bit late with the post since the wedding was a month ago :D, on the 10th of September, but…better late than never!

Impressions: the most incredible, fast moving, emotional, cry-your-eyes-out, overwhelming experience we have ever had!

There was a lot of work put into this wedding, a lot of ‘managing’, and it was worth every second. Although we wanted to do it ‘our way’, and stray a bit from the rules, we did put it into the hands of Jesus first and foremost, and prayed that He will be glorified through every second of the event.  And I think it did…at least that what the guests told us!

Now more than ever we realized the impact that our relationship has on people. We also saw how many friends we have, people who are there to support us, people who are ready to sacrifice for us. It was truly an amazing day, far beyond our expectations. And we thank everyone who was there, or wasn’t there but maybe thinking or praying for us!

We are so eager to live life together, at its fullest, and we praise God for every day we open our eyes and we are side by side.

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Wedding Photography by Ciprian Dragan – all rights reserved

And…this is our first dance!! On Ingrid Michaelson’s  The way I am.

Lastly, a short movie about us, created by Chris and I for our wedding guests.

For Romanian version go here:

All the other videos can be watched here:


5 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs.

  1. As Edward says, your story is such an inspiration and an example of what true love and devotion are. At least for me…

    Getting married was just a natural step for you two 🙂 I was very fortunate to meet and very often talk to Nico and I know how much Chris means to her so I am positive that it will last forever.

      • hey! I am so happy for u!It was an amazing wedding! u are a great couple and a great encouragament for me! May God bless u and use u for His glory each and every day! Yes, u are a great support for others and u have a great impact in others lifes! I miss both of u and hope to see u soon! God bless u!

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