Rough start?

2013 has been a looong year, already! Longest 3 months of my life. And the most difficult. I look back on 2012 and I see how blessed I have been, every step of the way God has amazed us with his love, unnumbered surprises He prepared for us.

And now 2013, again I see God at work, stronger than ever before, blessing me, but not when I wasn’t expecting it, with beautiful surprises, but when I was fallen, without hope and lost because of the circumstances I/we was/were in. And oh how much greater He is in our suffering!! Can’t compare it, what you receive from Him when you find yourself stranded in an unknown future is immeasurable more precious and intimate. I have felt Jesus like never before!

I’ve learned to trust in His provision, take what He prepares for me and accept His will and not to be fearful of the future because He holds it in His mighty hand. Life is sweet at His feet!

Jesus is alive! Let your heart believe it and receive it. You are losing the world if you won’t do it.


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