Our story

Let me start the story with this letter that Chris wrote for me in 2008:

” To my little star,

When I was a little boy I made a wish on a falling star that I would be healed of my disease. God promised me that before I turn 18 I will meet a real star. Because I was very young I couldn’t hear that holy voice saying this to me, but the years passed by and as it was foretold I met my star. I was amazed by her bright light that reached my heart. No word can describe that loving feeling that wed our souls. Together, my little star, we light the entire Universe with our love”.

All this on the Rule the World by Take That.

Well, don’t know how much you got out of this, so I’ll start with the beginning.

I was year 3 in high school and nothing exciting was going on with my life, beside studying, studying and don’t forget studying. Although I was looking for love it seemed that it wasn’t looking for me. I like to think that during these years I had some angels that came up to help me meet Chris. And the first one was a friend from school, who, one day thought I needed some company on the chat (I just had my internet fixed) so he gave me his best friend’s ID, who seemed to be lonely as well. Although he told me that Chris had some health problems, I thought it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone, and also improve my typing skills.

Well..things didn’t go as planned. From the first chat conversation we had I could see that he is special. Even now I can remember what we talked about that day, the 26th of April. But the thing that caught my attention was that he used the word ”beautiful” a lot. Well, don’t know how many boys you know say that on a regular basis. I like to say that it was love at first chat . So we kept on chatting for some time. After a month I was really eager to meet him, or even see a picture of him. He was always saying that he can’t go out for some reason or another.

And then Chris decided to tell me what was his problem. It was muscular dystrophy. This is a genetic condition and you don’t know you have it until the age of 7 or 8. He was a perfectly healthy boy until that age. But then all his muscles stopped receiving dystrophyn, the protein that makes them work and Chris was left with no power in them. He and his parents did everything they could to stop the illness taking over his body, went to many doctors and covered the country in search for a cure. But that does not exist, not yet. So Chris had to turn to a wheel chair, and in a couple of years he stopped walking at all.

It struck me that he just started telling me all the details, and all the things he can and can’t do, but assured me that he’s just normal, with the ‘’small remark” that he has no power in his muscles. I just sat there as he wrote it all down, and even though I knew about his problem, his confession just couldn’t stop me from tears. I was so happy that he was finally trusting me. Some weeks later I told him for the first time that I love him. At that point he actually thought I was making fun of him, and wanted to stop our chatting. But he did not. And we carried on.

First time we saw each other, was two months after we began talking, at my 18th anniversary. It was really awkward because there were other guests and we could talk just a little. But at least we knew how we looked like, and I managed to sink in his beautiful blue eyes. After that event we started seeing each other regularly and all went very smoothly.

Three years into our relationship, I found out that there is a possibility for me to go and study in the UK, so after much prayer and consideration we decided to take this step together. Chris promised to wait for me (for 3 years!!!) and then we’ll see what the next step will be. It was hard, but it was the greatest love test. I managed to go back to Romania twice a year for a couple of weeks and that was our fuel for the next half of year ahead of us. And yes, thank God for Skype!!!

In December 2009 Chris asked me to marry him, and of course I said YES! We had our wedding on the 10th of September 2011, a few months after I graduated, and it was the most amazing day of our lives (see post: Mr. and Mrs. ).

We trust God is our strength in all that we do,  in good and  bad times. And all the decisions we have made so far in our relationship have been made relying on Him and on His promise in Psalms 32:8 “You said to me, “I will point out the road that you should follow.  I will be your teacher and watch over you”. So we are constantly waiting for guidance.

We are writing on this blog to encourage all of you who read it to love each other with might and main, regardless the obstacles.


Chris and Nicoleta


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